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Shiloh and Silas are in real trouble, and only Shiloh can save them.  Available for pre-order now.

Ruthless enemies threaten Shiloh, Silas, and the kingdom of Bryn. Will Shiloh be strong enough to save them all? Now available!

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high fantasy

Hexborn (The Hexborn Chronicles Book 1)

Can a young sorceress, outcast since birth, find her place in a court where danger lurks around every corner? Or will past sins be her undoing?

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paranormal peril

A teenage psychic is the key to winning a war among vampires, fairies, and werewolves.

A teenage psychic is the key to victory in a vampire and fairy civil war centuries in the making. All she knows for sure is that she dies at the end.

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Supernatural saga continues

The saga continues as November must learn how to live her new life with only an enemy to help her.

Learning to be a vampire is hard enough without your worst enemy isolating you from all of your friends. 

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the final chapter

November must stop a war between humans and supernatural creatures in her final story.

A supernatural road trip is November's only chance to save herself, her family, and the whole world. No pressure.

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Bonus Content

She Sees in Her Sleep
Three November Snow Short Stories

Three short stories exploring the pasts of the supporting characters in She Dies at the End.

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My books

A new beginning

Luka's Dawn, Book 1
A November Snow Epilogue Story

November's story may have ended, but another is beginning. How will November's friends and enemies adapt in this short story?

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Old regrets, new dangers

Luka's Dawn, Episode 2
A November Snow Epilogue Story

Old enemies resurface as danger finds Flannery in this short story.

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New alliances strengthen

Luka's Dawn Book 3
A November Snow Epilogue Story

Will Luka save a boy he once threatened for love of his brother? Is Flannery powerful enough to help?

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